Would Your Tip Jar be Full?


What do you do to ensure that you are creating a relationship with your customers?

I recently went to my local car wash when I saw this tip jar. Apparently “car wash attendant” was as personal as it gets. (I chose not to leave a tip to the generic “attendant.”) On the flip side, one of my favorite coffee shops always has dueling tip jars, like, “Seinfeld or Friends,” “The Simpsons or The Family Guy,” “PB&J or Fluffer-nutter,” and “Batman or Superman?” It may be a simple thing, but the rivalries engage customers, spark conversations and, subsequently, both tip jars always see some action.

How engaged are the people in your sales and customer service departments, management team, etc., when it comes to interacting with your customer? Do they make an effort to personalize the interaction that they have with clients and prospects?

Do you address people by name? Do you take the time to find out what is important to them? How is e-mail communiction signed off? Are e-mail signatures signed off with the value you provide your client, or a title that is meaningless to your customer?

Pay extra attention this week to how well your organization connects with your prospects and customers. Personalize your interaction and re-humanize your business.

“Copywriter” or “Creative Superhero?”

Which jar would YOU pick?

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