Who Is Getting Your Leftovers?

Over the last 15 years of working with business owners, Executives, and other high achievers, I’ve noticed a common thread that has a major impact on their joy and fulfillment: A strong percentage of my clients are giving their significant others their leftovers.

High achievers are often motivated by the desire to accomplish more professionally, provide for their families, and create an income that will give them and their families a lifestyle of freedom, experiences, and possibly recognition. This desire can create a story about how their lack of presence is okay… because they are serving their family, after all, right? I have personal experience with this story and it took the wisdom (and frustration, let’s be real) of my wife, Jolie, to cause me to rewrite it. She was tired of only getting what was left of me at the end of the day. Not just my time, but my waning emotional and energetic presence and scattered focus.

Both you and your partner deserve a relationship where you can show up consistently as the optimal version of yourselves. If you are continuously sacrificing your time and energy for the benefit of the business, you are bound to create fractured communication, disconnection and, eventually, a chasm in your relationship. Closing this gap will take time, intention, and focus as well as a major change in the way you show up to rebuild your union.

What can you do now? Ask yourself if you are giving your significant other your left overs. Start a conversation with your partner about what they need in order to feel your presence more fully. From there, begin to make changes in how you manage your time and energy so that you can show them that your relationship is your top priority.

If this strikes a cord let’s chat. I am happy to provide additional insights to you, your family deserves your best.


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