What’s Your Bullshit Story?

Do you have any bullshit stories playing out right now?

The problem with the stories we often tell ourselves and others is that they can hold us back from creating what we really want in our personal and business lives.

Many of you have probably set some goals and intentions for 2020. For many people, this is the time of year when those goals fall off, often for some perceived obstacle tied to the story they are telling themselves. We often create these stories to explain why we are “stuck” in a particular area of our lives. If we tie these stories to a lack of resources, especially time or money, we make them even more believable. To ourselves and to others.

The way through this is to get to the truth underneath the story. The question really becomes, “What are you afraid of?” This is what I love about the work I get to do with my clients. Being able to show them their blind spots, and help them create a new way to navigate in their world. A way that allows them to create the outcomes they truly desire.

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