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Webinar : LinkedIn Battle Tested Strategies Revealed

Wednesday, March 13th at 10:00 AM EST.

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Learn Battle-Tested Strategies from One of the World’s Top Thought Leaders on LinkedIn

Welcome to the Age of Social Selling.

With over 200 million users, LinkedIn is a channel through which professional salespeople can gain unprecedented access to potential customers and heighten brand awareness for themselves and their companies. Whereas today’s technology has made it easier to put sellers in front of buyers (and vice versa), it has brought with it a new set of challenges. Just having a LinkedIn account is not enough; you must be involved. For those who have ignored the platform entirely, or postponed doing a deep dive, the time has come to take a serious look at how social networking can keep you competitive and sustainable.

Lead generation means different things to different salespeople. One common thread is that the people that you isolate as “leads” have to be receptive to your message. On LinkedIn, that translates to connecting with the right professionals, establishing trust quickly and building equity into these relationships. While the deployment of LinkedIn has become one of the cornerstones of sales prospecting, questions still remain about how it can be used to create meaningful engagements with economic buyers.

During this informative and thought-provoking Webinar,J.D. Gershbein, CEO of Owlish Communications and one of the world’s top scholars on LinkedIn, will illuminate the key concepts that business developers need to maximize their outcomes on LinkedIn. He will also shed light on how top salespeople build, manage and leverage professional relationships to increase sales activity and close more business.

About J.D.

Since 2006, J.D. has specialized in the art and science of LinkedIn. He has helped thousands of opportunity-oriented professionals in all walks of business become more proficient and efficient on LinkedIn. J.D. is a globally-acclaimed A-list speaker and media contributor who has been featured on FOX TV News, on WGN AM Radio and in print in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Forbes, Crain’s Chicago Business and the Chicago Tribune.

View J.D.’s Linked In Profile :www.linkedin.com/in/jdgershbein

You will also hear from noted performance management specialist and success coach, Chris Yonker, whose objective is to give salespeople the tools and skills that are in alignment with their own authenticity and help them realize their full potential.

About Chris

Chris Yonker is a veteran Fortune 100 sales professional who has transformed sales teams in a broad spectrum of industries during a twenty-plus year career. Chris’s programs create powerhouse performers who learn how to master themselves, create extraordinary possibilities and continually raise the bar of sales excellence.

View J.D.’s Linked In Profile :www.linkedin.com/in/chrisyonker



  • An introduction to basic LinkedIn lead generation strategy
  • The importance of building a social brand
  • How to build a “relevant” professional network
  • Why traditional sales training does not work
  • The new era of sales performance: It’s no longer a numbers game
  • A time management program that really manages time

NOTE: This exclusive Webinar is geared toward business development professionals who wish to integrate LinkedIn into a total plan for sales success and comes in advance of the following event:

Building an Environment in which High-Potential Sales Leaders can Excel through Strategy and Maximizing LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Wednesday, April 3, 2013 from 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM (EDT)

Burlington, MA


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