VIDEO: A Personal Story About the Power of a Clearly Defined Vision

Have you heard that people spend more time planning a vacation then they do on how they want to run their lives? Do you have a clearly defined, articulated, written and visual depiction of exactly how you’d like your life journey to look?

I’ve found through the years of working with Executives that everyone always starts with some kind of a vision, but they aren’t clearly articulating it. Why?

You’ve probably heard that you can write down goals and put them in a drawer and you increase the probability for those things to happen. There’s truth to that, but there’s some alignment that needs to happen too.

I’ve found it best and most meaningful if we can break our visions down by department such as:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Intellectual Life
  • Love Relationships
  • Family Life
  • Life Experiences
  • Quality of Life

All of these things are ingredients that fit in to our overall life vision. Often people come to me to work on their business and their personal life. They want to get some alignment. Often it’s a CEO trying to figure out how to get their personal and their business lives to work together.

Well, it starts with a vision. What do you want?

Often times people try to simply override the behaviors going on that aren’t in alignment with their vision. They want to make a behavior change, but in order to make it they think, “I’m not doing this and I need to do it, so I have to find a way to make myself do it. I just have to force myself.” I’ve found that by making ourselves or forcing ourselves to do something that’s not aligned internally, it creates a problem.

In this video I want to walk you through a personal story about why it all starts with a vision and the power of building a clear vision of what you want to create.

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