VIDEO: The Four Reasons People Don’t Do the Things You Ask

Anyone leading an organization has the task of aligning the behavior of their team to a specific outcome. You need your team to row together using their individual talents in line with the vision of the company.

Sounds simple. Yet, one of the questions I’m often asked by Executives is, “Why don’t people do what we ask them to do?” If you’ve created clear communication of what needs to be done, why don’t people do it?

It’s a human behavior challenge that comes down to four specific reasons:

1. They don’t have a chance to (a systems or operational problem).
2. They don’t want to (a motivational problem).
3. They aren’t able to (a hiring problem/people in the wrong seats).
4. They don’t know how to (training/leadership problem).

Anytime you’re having an organizational challenge with not getting the alignment you need, look at these four reasons and ask which of them is the reality. Once you can identify that, you’ll be more clear on what needs to happen next.

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