VIDEO: Composure in Chaos – Why Focus is Key

For many of us, our world has been turned upside down. The things that have kept our focus and our routine intact are suddenly gone, and I’ve seen this creating massive amounts of distraction. So how can we face the reality of the new normal that COVID-19 has handed us, without it leading to chaos? We need to find a place of clarity and focus, because none of the distractions of the news or social media are going to get us where we want to go.

So, what do we do today?

1. This is a great time to practice and strengthen our self-discipline. We probably have less time in the day right now to focus on priorities, so that time needs to be fiercely protected. Identify your priorities and the most important steps you need to take to continue moving forward in your life and business.

2. Choose a practice or practices that will keep your neurology solid. Exercise, yoga, meditation, breathwork, journaling, and gratitude will keep us focused on things that are positive.

3. Business owners, what can you do to continue moving forward? You simply cannot completely put your business on pause by getting distracted and caught up in the chaos. Everything that happens is a chance for us to up-level ourselves and our business.

Could it be possible that because of our current challenge you created a better version of yourself or your business? Could you be in a better, stronger place 6 months from now because you let go of distraction and chose to focus instead?

Stop. Reflect. Focus.

We’re all in this together. Where we choose to focus our attention from here out is the key.

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