VIDEO: Chris Yonker Speaks on Ditching Distraction – Why We Need to Retrain Our Brains to Focus

In this video, Chris Yonker explores the ideas around focus and concentration. In today’s society, your ability to master your focus is imperative to your success. Due to the abundance of ongoing distractions like cell phones, text messages, email alerts, instant messages and more, people today have conditioned themselves to not even have the ability to focus and have become addicted to distraction. We are programming ourselves to concentrate on things in “bite-size” pieces of time and are unable to sit still long enough to concentrate. So, what can you do? Chris challenges you to retrain yourself to be focused, be present, be mindful and be in the here and now. The practices of yoga and meditation are hugely beneficial in retraining your brain to be in the present. If you can be present and engaged, success naturally follows.

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