VIDEO: How to Build a Relational Foundation to Keep You Out of the Climbing Divorce Rate

Welcome back to our series on healthy relationships.

In this video, Jolie and I talk about building (or repairing) the foundations of a fulfilling relationship. One that can be sustained even through the inevitable moments of tension and conflict that happen in every relationship.

There have been moments in our almost 30 years together when our individual, personal development or professional trajectories were not aligned. We’ll share why we value being in relationship, some of the big leaps and scary moments of our life together, and how we navigated them.

We’ll also give you the three key ingredients that you MUST possess within yourself in order to build a relationship free of dysfunction and why it is that many people attract dysfunctional people and relationships into their lives.

At the end of the video we’ll give you an exercise you can do whether currently in a relationship or desiring to be in one. This exercise will help to strengthen your current relationship or start you on the path to attracting your ideal partner.

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