VIDEO: 2016 – The Year of Your Shift

What is going to make 2016 different for you?

How will you create the shift that you have been striving for, perhaps for each new year but have yet to achieve? Why is that people regularly create intentions and then so often get pulled away? We have to start by understanding that our subconscious minds have the sole objective of keeping us safe. It wants to avoid anything associated with fear, failure and rejection. It doesn’t want us to go outside the lines, outside the “safe-zone.”

In order to create the outcomes we want, we must become a better version of ourselves.

So, where to begin? How can we stay growth-directed? Two important factors in growth are accountability and association. You need someone, whether it be a coach, mentor or accountability partner, to help keep you on the right track. We must also realize that we are directly influenced by the beliefs, paradigms and values of those closest to us.

Join me for my upcoming talk on January 13th, where I will give you the tools you need to make 2016 the year of your shift.

Details here.

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