The 5 Critical Questions to Answer in Selecting a Consultant or Coach

Number 5

Let’s face it, consultants and coaches these days are a dime a dozen. When I first started my work I often did not want to let people know what my field was. I didn’t want to be guilty by association, knowing I had value that might be overlooked purely because of my field. So, why is this the case? The problem is that many of the consultants and coaches out there are simply not good. In fact, many of them are a living oxymoron. While they offer to help you get your life and business in order, their own is in shambles.

So how do we find someone that can truly help us? To make your search a little easier I have outlined five criteria to help you in your process. Choosing the right coach is very important, so use due diligence and always, always, always… trust your intuition.

  • How does this person differentiate their work? What do they do and offer differently that no one else does so well?
  • How does their uniqueness align with your vision and your current problem(s)?
  • Ask for a free consultation. This is the litmus test. Are they able to uncover what you cannot?
  • What is their track record? Look for evidence of who they have helped and how.
  • Do they charge a premium for their work? I would not hire anyone that claims they are “competitively priced.” The best does not come cheap and neither does your success!

Finding the right coach is one of the most crucial keys to your success. If you’d like additional guidance on this topic, feel free to contact me here.

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