Are You Telling Yourself the Wrong Stories?

Stories have been used since the beginning of time to help illustrate lessons and learnings. Some of the best teachers in history have used stories to share profound lessons that stand the test of time. When well-told, these storytellers have the ability to captivate us and pull us into the action.

Of course, just as stories are powerful ways to share a message and cause transformation, stories can also control society and cause people to live lives that are are incongruent with their true desires. In short, the stories we adopt can propel us forward or hold us back.

You’ve probably heard stories about getting married and having kids, what it means to have a good job, what success “should” look like, etc. The challenge with most of these stories is that they are not necessarily founded in truth, but in the one perspective of the story teller.

One person’s story doesn’t have to translate into being YOUR story, and you are entitled to say “no” to the stories that do not support your purpose and evolution. Too often, others project their viewpoints and limited thinking onto us. Being able to have clarity when it comes to knowing which stories are not true or applicable for you is critical to your advancement because it isn’t always 100% across the board, clear, cut and dried: This is true. This is not. Each of our life departments has paradigms associated with it and our core beliefs are at the root of it all. This is why I have very clear distinctions when it comes to who my mentors are and in which life departments I will allow their input. I know people who appear to have amazing physical health but are financially unwell. (Care to guess whether or not they will be asked for financial advice?)

Below you will find some of the biggest story topics in society. I invite you to try the exercise by answering each question in your journal with the first answer that comes to mind.

By the way, that means don’t think about what your answer “should” be, just write down the very first thing you think of.

Life is:

Success is:

To be fulfilled I must:

Time is:

Each answer is a glimpse into the paradigm, illusion, hallucination or story you hold. The goal is to identify any answers that are not empowering you and your life in a holistic way. The answers that are in line with your forward trajectory should continue to be reinforced, and those that are misaligned should be examined more closely.

As always, if you would like additional perspective, feel free to reach out to me by filling in your information below.

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