On Training

When it comes to training and development in an organization, why do we do it? Typically, when I ask this question, I receive various answers.  Among them, so people can retain new information, or so someone knows how to do something new or in a different way. If you’ve followed me for a while, you have probably figured out that I challenge these responses. Why? Training and development is about one thing—behavior change. Unfortunately, most training programs do not do this. They focus too much on what to do and not enough on how to do it and/or who to become in the process. This is why I develop programs that create permanent behavior change. Interested in more info? Email …

Success leaves clues: Finding a coach to propel you towards success

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we all want to be good at whatever it is we have chosen to do. One of the most important steps you can take in personal development is to find someone who is the best in your field and ask them to guide you, someone who can navigate you through waters that you’re not yet capable of navigating on your own. Now a leading consultant and coach himself, Chris Yonker talks in this video about his experience with his coach and the importance of the relationship that rapidly propelled him towards success.