VIDEO: Chris Yonker, Performance Alchemist, on Mastering Your Emotions

In this video, Chris Yonker gives insight into the first steps to take in mastering your own emotions. When asked, most people would say they are in control over their emotions but the truth is that it doesn’t happen all the time. We often give up the control we have over our emotions based on the people around us, our environment, and our programming. We can reprogram ourselves to know how to turn the switch of our emotions on and off, to be connected or disconnected. Both are useful and even necessary at times. Awareness of how we feel and accepting responsibility for those feelings are two of the first steps to regaining control of your own emotions.

VIDEO: Chris Yonker asks “Who Do You Really Think You Are?”

Chris Yonker asks you to examine who you really think you are. It is a question many people have been asked since childhood. Our belief about who we are was not programmed in us at birth, but filtered from our experiences up until this point. In many cases, who we think we are is not based on truth. In this video, Chris gives you a helpful exercise to determine your beliefs about yourself, and which of them are empowering and those that are not and encourages you to work with a coach to change your hallucinations. Life is about transformation and growth which can be obtained by being more conscious about who you really think you are.