VIDEO: Chris Yonker, Performance Alchemist, on Mastering Your Emotions

In this video, Chris Yonker gives insight into the first steps to take in mastering your own emotions. When asked, most people would say they are in control over their emotions but the truth is that it doesn’t happen all the time. We often give up the control we have over our emotions based on the people around us, our environment, and our programming. We can reprogram ourselves to know how to turn the switch of our emotions on and off, to be connected or disconnected. Both are useful and even necessary at times. Awareness of how we feel and accepting responsibility for those feelings are two of the first steps to regaining control of your own emotions.

Why People Do Not Change

How can so many companies today invest millions into training, coaching, and consulting, yet so few of them obtain the change they seek? The answer is that they are missing the center of their problem. The ONLY thing that changes results is behavior. According to Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall, there are four reasons that people resist change. He calls them “chance to,” “how to,” “want to,” and “able to.” 1. Chance to: Systems problem – It first starts outside of the individual by measuring objectives and metrics. Improvement also needs to happen through the interaction of the parts of the systems. For example, the culture needs to support the change. If you don’t change the culture, the culture will ultimately undo …

VIDEO: Chris Yonker Speaks on Spiritual Energy and Core Values

In this video Chris Yonker explores the idea of spiritual energy with an excerpt from the book “The Power of Full Engagement” by Jim Loeher and Tony Schwartz. He talks of spiritual energy not in the context of religion, but as a connection to a deeply held set of values and a purpose beyond our own self-interest. What is your life purpose? What do you hold as your personal value? Replenishing our spiritual energy is a vital resource in our lives and an area where many executives and entrepreneurs tend to not delve deeply enough. How will you take your unique strengths and assets and invest them in others in a greater way? That is what spiritual energy is about.

“What is it?” – Chris Yonker speaks on creating change.

In this video, Chris Yonker pinpoints the first two questions to ask yourself when deciding to make a change in your business or personal life. First, what do you want? Identify your true desire, without questioning how you will get there. What is your nirvana? Second, where are you now? Explore where you stand mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally surrounding your desire, and what you can do to elevate yourself to become that person.

Creating Change

Do you need to make a change in your business or personal life? You are always living the physical existence of your internal belief system. Everything that happens around you ultimately comes from a map instilled inside of you. It is up to you alone to create change for yourself, and strip away the parts of you that are not really you or who you want to be. The person that you are before making these conscious changes is based on programming and not on the truth. In this video, Chris Yonker encourages you to accept responsibility for your choices and recognize your own ability to control your thoughts, feelings, and actions to make positive changes.