Without This You Will Always Be Mediocre

As a tenured Martial Artist, people are often fascinated by how I have been studying consistently for nearly 30 years. Truth be told, this hasn’t been all that difficult for me. Neither has working out on a regular basis nor making conscious decisions around what foods I put into my body. On a professional level, I have been working out of a home office ever since I got my first job 23 years ago. When this comes up in conversation, I invariably come across people who tell me how they “could never do that.” When I ask them why not, the answer is something like, “I would not get anything done.” Or, “I can’t discipline myself to do that.” My …

Quitting is Under-Rated

I recently hit my 25th anniversary as a Sensei for Sanchin-Ryu Karate. For twenty-five years straight, I’ve held my own classes and the experience has fed me in ways that have been massively rewarding. One of the questions I have been asked by newer Instructors is why people leave their dojo and/or cease to study. There have been numerous occasions during my first 20 years where I had a hard time tolerating the loss of a student. I would reach out to my instructor, the Chief Grand Master, and he would aide with some perspective. What I realized was that I had created an association of how I felt about myself and my worth based on what someone else did …

Why People Do Not Change

How can so many companies today invest millions into training, coaching, and consulting, yet so few of them obtain the change they seek? The answer is that they are missing the center of their problem. The ONLY thing that changes results is behavior. According to Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall, there are four reasons that people resist change. He calls them “chance to,” “how to,” “want to,” and “able to.” 1. Chance to: Systems problem – It first starts outside of the individual by measuring objectives and metrics. Improvement also needs to happen through the interaction of the parts of the systems. For example, the culture needs to support the change. If you don’t change the culture, the culture will ultimately undo …

Life Should Be Enjoyable

Self-discovery is an important journey. In today’s calloused world, often people don’t realize that life should be enjoyable. We are here for a short time and should have a fun and positive experience. In this video, Chris Yonker tells us of his personal situation as an only child, and his early path to self-discovery. Early on he realized that the better a person he became, the better everything around him also became. He learned through the study of Sanchin-Ryu karate that he was capable of much more than he thought, and that our believed limitations are self-set and not our ultimate potential.

“What is it?” – Chris Yonker speaks on creating change.

In this video, Chris Yonker pinpoints the first two questions to ask yourself when deciding to make a change in your business or personal life. First, what do you want? Identify your true desire, without questioning how you will get there. What is your nirvana? Second, where are you now? Explore where you stand mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally surrounding your desire, and what you can do to elevate yourself to become that person.