VIDEO: Chris Yonker Speaks on Removing Self-Interest

In this video, the second in a series on building Elite teams, Chris Yonker speaks on the importance of removing self-interest and taking politics out of your organization. Executive teams must have the ability to generate trust within their teams. Patrick Lencioni describes trust as “the ability to be vulnerable.” Being vulnerable means removing ego that so often leads to dysfunctional behavior. By creating trust and encouraging vulnerability, executive teams can begin to understand the paradigms and models of the world that drive the behavior of their team, allowing them to create positive conflict and hold each other accountable. These are the necessary strategies for teams that operate with optimal performance.

Stop and Smell the Sunflowers

Driving from one appointment to the next today, I came across the most amazing field of sunflowers. Though I operate on a pretty strategic schedule, I chose to carve out some time to stop and walk out into this magnificent field of flowers. Honey bees were moving from brilliant flower to flower and I stood in a quiet and sincere moment of gratitude. My CEO coaching clients often express to me that their lives are too busy and time “just gets away from them.” They wished they had more time to–as the saying goes–stop and smell the roses. We live in a world that continues to support and encourage being busy. Many people become addicted to the adrenaline created from …