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Will you Break Inertia in 2014?

According to the Law of Motion, you will continue moving at your current velocity until some force causes your speed or direction to change.  So, what specifically is going to change for you?  Let’s be candid here–the intention of making a change is NOT enough.  As someone who has studied human performance for much of my life, I see it happen every year.

Consider this: 92% percent of all the resolutions that will be made in good faith this year will not come true.   And this is for the 45% who made them.  Most people no longer make resolutions. Why?

The true problem is hidden.  It is buried away in our neurology.  Most people will fight to break the internal resistance and lose.   In order to truly transform and break the current state of inertia, you must create permanent change that launches you into a new orbit.  For most people, this idea can sound scary because we tend to have a preconceived notion that the change needed will cause too much risk or too much pain. This is a misconception.  Quite frankly, the path to optimal performance is more of liberation than it is of forced effort.

As someone who leads others on the path of personal mastery and optimal performance, I have decided to offer an exclusive program. If you are really looking to learn more about yourself and create clarity in what needs to happen to make the radical changes and ensure the change you are seeking in 2014 comes to fruition, read on…

Normally, my clients pay me in excess of $750 for my time in a consultation.  But for fourteen select people you can purchase this package for $197.   No strings.  No up-sells.  No add-ons.




As a lifelong student of human potential, CHRIS YONKER embraces a uniquely collaborative and experiential approach to professional and personal development, one that encompasses the principles of leadership, classical sales training, martial arts, and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). He works with senior executives, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and highly motivated salespeople who aspire to top levels of performance and achievement. His gift is in helping people define their improvement initiatives, set realistic goals for executing them, and align their natural abilities with their core values to create extraordinary outcomes, both in business and in life.