Welcome to a Roundtable Unlike Any Other

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re someone I respect.

IMG_0049Every quarter, I invite a few people to a private CEO roundtable session. I take the time to share some of my best teaching on leadership and building a powerful executive team, and in return, I ask that attendees share their insights and wisdom from their years of experience in executive positions.

It’s an exclusive event, and it isn’t open to everyone. This page isn’t even visible on my website.

You have to receive a personal invitation from me to even know about it.

I only extend these invitations to executives who have the following qualities:

  • You’re in a leadership position that demands you confront the unique challenges of a company grossing $20 million or more
  • You understand that growth comes from skillfully balancing multiple factors, rather than hammering away harder, faster, and better in one area
  • You know the value of your team and want to be the type of leader they need to perform at the absolute top of their game

Very few executives meet these criteria – and I think you’re one of them.

IMG_0033During the CEO roundtable, you’ll talk with other executives with real-world experience who understand the challenges of your position. They’re also people who are able and willing to offer suggestions from their own experience.

I’ll speak on the topic of leadership and how to build an elite team, and I’ll give you concrete takeaways you can use immediately in your work. Afterward, we’ll discuss your goals, and exactly how the teaching I’ve just shared with you can help you get there.

Want to discover your true potential as a leader? Then I hope you’ll come to the CEO roundtable. They’re only offered every quarter, and I very much want you there. That’s why I invited you.

Register to attend the Private Roundtable now:

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Have questions? Let’s talk.

Will my information and my company’s information be confidential?

Yes. All roundtable attendees will be asked to sign an NDA, and no competing companies are invited to any given roundtable. You only need share what you’re comfortable sharing – no one will be put on the spot. I work hard to keep these roundtables a safe environment.

Are you going to sell me something?

No, I’m not. I’ll be teaching at this roundtable at no cost, and if you feel I have value to bring to your company, you can call me for a follow-up. You will not be “sold” on anything while at the roundtable.

Why is this event private?

My time is in high demand, and so is yours. So is the time of everyone else at this table. We expect to get maximum value out of every meeting, and I’ve worked hard to ensure that the executives I invite to these roundtables benefit from the topics discussed – and have insights of value to offer in turn.

Can I invite someone else to attend?

Occasionally, I accept an additional attendee, but this is quite rare. As I’ve said, I work hard to keep these roundtables exclusive to be sure that every executive who attends benefits from the time invested. If you have someone you think would be a good fit for the roundtable, please refer them to me directly and I’ll see whether I can make room for them.

I do everything in my power to keep these roundtables exclusive and highly beneficial. I sent you a private invitation because I believe I have insights to share with you, and because I believe you have insights to offer other roundtable attendees.

Will you accept?

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