The Private Roundtable That Gets Results

The Private Roundtable That Gets Results


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You’re a successful leader. Your company has seen the $5 million mark, or maybe you've already achieved $20 million or $40 million. You’re smart, talented, and driven.

You have big goals for your company.

You want your company to change the world and create a legacy people remember. You need a peer group who can help you innovate, evolve a powerful culture, and champion the ideas you want to move forward.

You have big goals for yourself.

You’re a success, and you have high standards. You need high-level consultants who understand your ambitions and thought leaders who can help you enhance and power every aspect of your professional and personal life.

You know it is lonely at the top.

Once you achieve a certain level of authority, it’s difficult to find a peer group at your level. You need experts who get the big picture and who can provide you with relevant, meaningful learning and networking opportunities. 

You can’t achieve this alone.

You are passionate about what you do.  You have give your all.  But now you crave innovation and intellectual stimulation to help you achieve what you want to achieve.  And you now need practical takeaways in order to get there.

The Seacoast Roundtable is an exclusive, private roundtable designed specifically for high-level leaders and company executives.

It gives you direct access to successful peers and mentors – including two executive consultants who advise leaders like you on how to hit breakout numbers year after year and manage change. 

Some executives burn out while trying to juggle competing priorities. Others are too blinded by their idealism to run a company strategically.

As a member of the Seacoast Roundtable, you’ll be one of the rare few who reaches the peak of your career, with a successful company and a satisfying life.

This two-hour monthly session includes dynamic discussion and concrete strategies that you can immediately implement in your company and in your life. The Seacoast Roundtable gives you access to an Executive Performance Coach, a Strategic Business Advisor, and thought-leaders in executive leadership  who can provide the insight, empathy, and power that you need to build your business and take control of your goals.


Who Are Justin Van Epps and Chris Yonker?

Justin and Chris have over 45 years of combined experience as strategy and performance consultants, working with executives powering multi-million dollar companies. Each have proven track records in advising companies on how to achieve unprecedented growth, and both have helped hundreds of executives achieve their goals, including personal growth as leaders.


Chris Yonker

Chris Yonker is an Executive Performance Coach that specializes in conscious, purpose-driven leadership in high-level performers. Chris combines his background  being an NLP practitioner, his career leading teams for a Fortune 500 company, and his training as a Master Martial Artist in his methodology.  Chris has an uncanny ability to identify the mindset that is driving the behavior that holds people back.  Chris advises you on how to become the leader you always imagined in your mind’s eye - a leader aligned in your ambitions, your values, and your personal expectations of self.  Chris is the author of Soul Intention and a regular contributor to Forbes.Com. 

Justin Van Epps-001

Justin Van Epps

Justin Van Epps is a Strategic Business Advisor with over 25 years of operational experience transforming organizations across industries. He helps identify and develop new opportunities, creatively solving issues that interfere with revenue generation and profitability, and leads change at every point of the company growth curve, from start-ups to multinational corporations such as Cisco Systems.

Together, Chris and Justin pack a powerful punch. You’ll have an Executive Performance Coach and a Strategic Business Advisor who will help you to transform your business and your life, and empower your lifelong leadership and learning.

The Seacoast Roundtable is strictly focused on results.

Your time is incredibly valuable. Every minute of the Seacoast Roundtable provides you with real strategies and powerful insights that help you move your business and personal goals forward.

Up-to-Date Insights

Chris and Justin are active working consultants, constantly refining and honing their skills so that every executive they advise has qualified insights. They continually adapt their strategies to an ever-changing business world, and they certainly aren’t stopping now.

Higher-Level Strategy

With this group of forward-thinking growth-leaders, you'll be pushed to innovate with peers who are facing challenges equal to your own. It can be lonely at the top. And yet, high-profile professionals convey purpose and motivate each other to magnify existing insights and work through challenges together.

Unparalleled Creativity

You’ll have the tools, techniques, strategies, skills and mindset you need to fuel your evolution. Solutions, insights, and creative ideas multiply easily in a room of leaders with unique backgrounds, companies, and personal strengths.


All members of the Seacoast Roundtable are required to sign an NDA, and only one chair can be filled for each industry. This ensures you have a safe environment in which to converse at all times.

You’ll never be alone. You’ll never be without the insight and guidance you need to move forward.


What’s My Investment?

The Seacoast Roundtable is only open to executives leading companies making in excess of 5 million, or those who can demonstrate their company is on track to do so. We only accept 15 participants, and we do not accept competitors.

You must be committed. We promise all our members that they will be able to engage with a peer group invested in their growth, and so we require that every new member join for a 6-month minimum.

When you run a multi-million dollar company, it’s easy to see how big of a return you’ll achieve. In any given month, you’ll learn strategies and insights that can save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the quarterly workout sessions are specifically geared toward growth and optimization.

There is a nominal fee associated.  There are no long term contracts. We are doing this to give back, not make money.

Get in touch for a private conversation with Chris or Justin now

It’s time to reach for the pinnacle of your success – and there are only 15 chairs available at the Seacoast Roundtable.

One of them is waiting for you.

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