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Where we unlock the secrets of High Achievers who have created success, joy and peace.

In The Secret Thoughts of CEOs and Business Leaders we discuss the real things that are holding you back from a life of joy, peace and happiness. Our guests are other High Achievers who know that life is short and that finding ways to live in alignment with what we truly desire is vital for us to live a truly congruent and fulfilled life. Join us as we unlock the mindset and strategies necessary to get there, generate even bigger outcomes, and connect to something greater--all without sacrificing what matters most.



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Podcast Appearances by Chris



Thinking of Succession? How to Find Fulfillment with Chris Yonker

Jonathan’s guest today in The Disruptive Successor show is Chris Yonker, a seventh degree blackbelt practitioner in NLP, known as Neuro Linguistic Programming, with 25 years of experience in running strategy and execution in 3M, one of the pre-eminent companies in America.

Chris is the founder and CEO of The Center for Conscious Living and Fulfillment, where he and his team are focused on working with companies, family businesses, as well as high achievers like executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, and celebrities to get clarity on what their true goals are—and then create the strategic mindset and behavior changes needed to get them there.

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ScaleX™ Insider Podcast- Aimed at business leaders who are ambitious to scale.

Chris is a Vision Alchemist, Speaker, and Author who specialises in Vision Creation to align your business and your life.

Chris is also a seventh-degree black belt, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and thought-leader on Personal Performance.

In this episode, we discuss why sensory acuity is powerful, how and why we are motivated by pain and pleasure and why it doesn’t have to be painful to grow a business and how psychology controls and limits what we do.


Lead Your Movement | Self-fulfillment For Successful Entrepreneurs

Chris Yonker joins us for this week's episode of Lead Your Movement to talk about fulfillment, and what that really means for a busy entrepreneur with a neverending list of tasks.

A seventh-degree black belt, NLP practitioner, and thought-leader on Personal Performance, Chris has more than 20 years of experience working at the global corporation 3M. He's taken that unique blend of experiences to create a signature methodology that assists driven, high achievers in expanding their consciousness and capacity for personal fulfillment.

This is his movement.


Chris Yonker, Vision Alchemist and Executive Coach, on Creating a Vision that Fuels Your Purpose...

Chris was the key driver behind a $6 million increase in revenue within one year for one business client, whose company’s year-over-year growth moved from 1.5% to 7%. The end result: an organization that is able to scale, retain valuable employees, and create a predictable client experience that is unparalleled. As a highly sought-after speaker, Vision expert, and workshop facilitator, Chris’s programs are engineered to meet your demands and exceed your expectations. Chris is a regular contributor to the Coaches Council at and his book Soul Intention: An Executive’s Guide to Building a Life by Choice, Not by Chance is available on Amazon.

How to Create a Vision to Align Your Business & Your Life with Chris Yonker

Today I’m talking about aligning your principles with your business and life with Chris Yonker, who is a world-leading vision maker and transition alchemist. He aids people in breaking through to their sales and business goals by helping them in four different aspects of their lives: physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. Chris Yonker has a background in neuro-linguistic programming, a seventh-degree blackbelt and a thought leader in personal performance. He takes all of that experience and uses the information to help his clients eliminate resistance in their life as an entrepreneur and their vision for their personal and professional future.

How Can You Achieve Harmony?

On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Chris Yonker asserts that the overall health of an organisation – family businesses notwithstanding – depends on self-assurance and productive interaction in the workplace. Embarking on the journey to uncover these behaviours in ourselves and those around us is a step towards achieving harmony.

Building a Life By Design, Not By Default

In this episode of Advisor Elevation, Chris Yonker joins the show to take a deep dive into aligning intentions with true vision. Chris reveals and maps out a 4-stage process to help live a life by design, not by default. This episode promises to deliver on what you need to hear, not what you want to hear and as Chris says “None of this has to be hard”. For all Advisor Elevation listeners, Chris also offers up a complimentary guide that walks through his process. Be sure to tune into this episode that you cannot afford to miss!

Love, Security, and Self-Esteem

How can we teach our kids respect, responsibility, resilience and compassion? Where are we as Dads solving problems for our kids, where they should be handling things on their own? Would it help all of us to love more, and think less? In this conversation with Chris Yonker, we’re digging into these questions and more. A bit about my guest this week… Chris is a father, husband, martial artist, and world-leading expert in Vision creation. Family has always been a top priority for Chris and he knew from early on that he wanted to be the creator of his life, build a business that worked FOR him, allowed him to create amazing experiences for his family, and help others do the same. He and his team work with companies (big and small) including family businesses as well as high achievers like executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, and celebrities. Chris helps people gain clarity in four different aspects of their life: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. As a seventh-degree black belt and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and the practical strategies that derive from his 21 years of experience of leading a sales team with a Fortune 500 company, Chris helps others live a Life by Design, Not by Default™.

Chris Yonker - The Art of Navigating Family Business Succession

Chris Yonker shares tips about how to create a Family Business Succession plan while still being able to enjoy Thanksgiving dinners together. Check out Chris's book available on Amazon: Soul Intention: An Executive's Guide to Building a Life by Choice, Not By Chance
Totally Well Podcast - Guest Chris Yonker

Totally Well Podcast - Joyce Strong - Episode 130 - Chris Yonker - Executive Coach

Chris Yonker talks with Joyce Strong on the Totally Well Podcast, a place where we get curious, ask questions and explore everything to do with health, wellness, fitness, personal development, helping people and all the things it takes to help you live a strong, joyous life. Topics in this episode include finding the lessons in the COVID-19 pandemic, NLP, and building a life by design.
Happy Life - Happy CEOs with Chris Yonker cover image

Learning Life Episode 117: Happy CEOs with Chris Yonke‪r‬

Chris Yonker is a recovering high achiever. After years in sales for 3M, Yonker was left unfulfilled. There had to be more to life than a job. Now he and his team work with high achievers like executives, entrepreneurs, and athletes to expand their consciousness and capacity for fulfillment. Chris Yonker is a vision alchemist, NLP practitioner, author of Soul Intention, and speaker.
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What We Discuss with Chris Yonker in this Episode:

  • Vision creation and soul intention
  • The hierarchy of fulfillment
  • Struggle as an artificial paradigm
  • The power of our words
  • Why faith equals power
Amber on Secret Thoughts of CEO's Podcast with Chris Yonke‪r‬ Cover

The Amber Lilystrom Show - Amber on Secret Thoughts of CEO's Podcast with Chris Yonke‪r‬

In this episode, Chris and Amber go in depth on gender in the workplace and mom guilt. They talk about the mindset of women as business leaders and CEOs. They peeled back all sorts of layers to better understand the dynamics and factors that most men don't have to think about that women have learned to adapt to, paradigms holding entrepreneurs back from true success + fulfillment and what we can do about it.
Mindset Master Podcast Cover

Mindset Mastery - Episode #11: "Building a Life by Choice, Not Chance” with Chris Yonker

In Episode #11 of Mindset Mastery, "Building a Life by Choice, Not Chance”, Speaker/Author/Coach Chris Yonker talks about reducing stress when we are facing critical, consequential transitions in business or life. His expertise is in helping individuals find out what they want and then creating that in business performance, sales, leadership development, succession planning, mindset, and in their own personal lives. It all starts with vision – and Chris tells us how to begin in this engaging dialog with Mindset Mastery host Marie Swift.

In a nutshell: There are things that happen in life that we can’t control. Uncertainties can create stress. But it’s how we orient ourselves to what’s happening that makes the difference. He tells us how to get out of worry mode and live life with ease and grace. He provides a fail-proof way to get out of fight-or-flight mode. He also says the pandemic provided us all with a big gift – the opportunity to stop and reflect on who we are, what we value and how to live without regrets.

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CEO Sales Strategies with Doug C. Brown Episode 54 - Developing Your Sales Mindset For Success With Chris Yonker

How do you define your mindset? You may have heard a thing or two about how important your mindset is for sales. The truth is that you need to ensure your mindset is where it needs to be for you to truly succeed, and how to adapt as you develop. This isn’t always easy – but it’s critical. In this episode, Doug C. Brown speaks with Chris Yonker about setting yourself up for success, what drives and influences behavior, how self-confidence affects strategy, why self-confidence is the biggest key to achieving your dreams, and much more..