Looking For a Top Level Coach for 2017?


Every New Year, people set goals for what they want to accomplish.  But what they don’t realize is that they are up against a powerful force.


The truth is, it’s one of the strongest forces in the Universe.  Objects (and people) stay in the same state of motion unless there’s an outside force that causes that object/person to move in a different direction.
It’s damn hard to be your own outside force.
The sharpest knife can’t carve its own handle.
That’s why the world’s most successful athletes invest in a coach.  As do successful professionals like my clients who want to move faster toward their goals than they ever had before, with more ease than they thought possible, and without sacrificing what they truly value.  They want Personal Mastery and I help them achieve it.
If you’re ready for top tier performance contact me at chris@chrisyonker.com and we’ll set up a time talk, one on one.  I may be right for you.  I may not be.  But isn’t it worth a phone call to find out?

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