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Chris Yonker’s presentations change the tenor of any room.

Chris has an uncanny knack of getting into the listener’s head.

Combining higher-power concepts from NLP, psychology, physiology, leadership, and strategies from martial arts, Chris engages audiences of experienced professionals, bringing new understanding to the power of Vision work.

Chris speaks on:

  • Creating a Vision
  • Conquering time management
  • Effective leadership
  • Personal mastery
  • Succession planning
  • Work-life balance
  • The art of influence
  • Sales experience/revenue creation
  • How to run your mind and emotions

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Just one moment from Chris’ talks can profoundly alter your direction.

Sample Keynotes & Workshops

  • The Art and Science of Creating Permanent Behavior Change (In Yourself and Others)
  • The Next Chapter: Preparing Your Organization for Leadership Change and Succession Planning
  • Your Tomorrow Starts Today, Here’s How to Start Living it Now: How to Stop Living by Default, Figure Out What to Do Next, and Learn to Enjoy Life While You’re Living It
  • Time is an Illusion: All You Need to Know About Time Management




Chris Donovan“A great and insightful presentation this afternoon. Your acumen into how to uncover true functionality within both small and large organizations was enlightening. I came away more fully aware of how to enhance trust with my fellow team members. I am looking forward to applying some of the principles you taught within my organization. Bravo!”

Chris R Donovan, Director of Pharmaceutical Research
Lifeline Neurodiagnostic Systems Inc.
Exeter, NH

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