Challenge Not Accepted

Everyone today is inviting people to challenges and online marketers are all jumping on board. From fitness challenges and reboot your business challenges, to the come back challenge. A peer of mine recently even challenged me to start a challenge… Seriously?

If you are considering a challenge, perhaps consider the following question before investing time, energy, and perhaps money.

Is your ego associated with the challenge?

The ego is composed of the illusions we have about who we are and how we behave. Many of us become slaves to these illusions as they often unconsciously drive our behavior.

If you’re considering joining a challenge, what specifically are you looking to obtain? Is there any fear, control, or certainty behind it? If so, perhaps your ego is involved.

Challenges are an effective strategy to obtain a level of change, yet few directly work with the mindset necessary to allow the shift to occur in natural order, without suffering, and for the long term.

My NLP Mentor Wyatt used to say, “Whoever came up with the adage ‘no pain, no gain’ should continue to suffer”…

Instead of participating in the next Instagram or Facebook challenge, what if you challenged the illusions of your ego instead and did some deep work around the paradigms keeping you stuck?

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