VIDEO: Chris Yonker on How We Run Our Minds

In this video, Chris Yonker turns your thinking to how you are running your own mind. He uses an example from his experience as a karate instructor of young children to break down the importance of being self-aware. Most people go throughout their day without thinking about how they are thinking. But who really runs your thinking? Are you truly aware that you run your own mind? Much time is often spent wondering about the future or dwelling on the past, and not tuned in to specifically what we are doing in this moment. Chris encourages you to be more conscious of how you are thinking and to consistently ask yourself if you are tuned in or not.

VIDEO: Chris Yonker asks “Who Do You Really Think You Are?”

Chris Yonker asks you to examine who you really think you are. It is a question many people have been asked since childhood. Our belief about who we are was not programmed in us at birth, but filtered from our experiences up until this point. In many cases, who we think we are is not based on truth. In this video, Chris gives you a helpful exercise to determine your beliefs about yourself, and which of them are empowering and those that are not and encourages you to work with a coach to change your hallucinations. Life is about transformation and growth which can be obtained by being more conscious about who you really think you are.

Mastering One of Today’s Greatest Illusions

  I recently spent several hours at my local hospital’s ER. I will not go into the extent of my injury or why I needed staples in my head, but let’s just say I was not practicing mindfulness at the time. One of the most interesting observations of my visit was the clock on the wall in my room.  It looked similar to a regular clock with a sweeping second hand, only the second hand did not move in a slow methodical direction. Rather it moved in sweeping increments of five seconds.  In essence, the second hand would remain in place for four seconds and then it moved for five increments at once.  I cannot imagine these clocks were not …

The 5 Critical Questions to Answer in Selecting a Consultant or Coach

Let’s face it, consultants and coaches these days are a dime a dozen. When I first started my work I often did not want to let people know what my field was. I didn’t want to be guilty by association, knowing I had value that might be overlooked purely because of my field. So, why is this the case? The problem is that many of the consultants and coaches out there are simply not good. In fact, many of them are a living oxymoron. While they offer to help you get your life and business in order, their own is in shambles. So how do we find someone that can truly help us? To make your search a little easier …

Joe Walsh May Be to Blame

I am sure at some point you have heard the Joe Walsh classic “Life’s Been Good,” a favorite of classic rock stations and the all-American backyard barbecue. If you’re not familiar with it, the theme of the song is life has been good to me so far. I will be honest, I like the song. My wife, Jolie, and I saw him perform live last summer at an Eagles concert. It’s an upbeat song with a lively tune and engaging lyrics, and as music goes it’s a good one. However, I despise the question born of the mindset that life has been good to me. You know the question. We’ve all heard it: “How has life been treating you?” Does …