Are You Working Against Yourself?

January 2018 is more than half over.

How are you doing with the goals you set for the New Year? If you are like most people, you are probably already off course.

I was speaking with someone the other day who had set a significant goal and was already missing the mark–and we were barely two weeks into 2018! They were asking me for perspective on what strategies they should employ to get on back track to assure they’d reach their desired outcome in the future.

I told them it wasn’t a strategy problem.

When it comes to changing behavior, for most intellectual people, it rarely is. In fact, when it comes to behavior change, most people KNOW what to do. In many cases, they know exactly what to do. They just don’t do it.

Even after they say they want to do it, they just don’t commit. Sound familiar?

So, what’s the answer? Part of them (or shall I say, us?) is not on board with the change, and until we can address the underlying cause of why this part of us is not aligned, we will continue to try to submit our will to overcome it.

Your will may be strong enough, or it may not. Pushing yourself to change can be a process of ongoing friction. It takes a lot of energy to go at it, over and over again. And sometimes we do just enough to not quite make the goal, but we sure can excel at frustrating ourselves!

There is another way.

Work with someone who is trained to help you discover where you are misaligned and then get all parts of you on the same page. Once this happens, you will be able to move forward with much greater ease and grace.

The process of becoming the person who achieves goals is much more powerful than continuing to force your will against internal resistance.

Who will you be this year?

My best,

p.s. If you’d like to explore this topic further, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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