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360 for Family Business.

Get answers to the Next Gen Leadership questions keeping you up at night.

Developed by Doug Gray, Ph.D. and Kent Rhodes, Ed.D.

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Chris Yonker, CFBA

Founder, The Center for Conscious Living and Fulfillment ®

Insights and Clarity on Your Next Gen Leadership.

Because Family Business is more complex than any other type of business, and your family deserves peace of mind with leaders in the right seats. The Assess Next Gen 360 gives you...

An Effective Process

A scientifically validated process that simplifies the complexity of 5 systems: the family, the business, ownership, learning and individual systems.

Tangible Results

A quantitative 35+ page report with rankings, gaps and behavioral recommendations and a qualitative summary report based on multiple interviews.

A Clear Future

A personalized development plan based on the report and summary to bring your Next Gen leaders to the next level of their career.

Are you experiencing...


  • Disagreements and tension within your family about the direction of the business and who should take the helm?
  • Being a rising leader in the organization with stress around the lack of a clear succession plan?
  • Questions on whether your Next Gen has what it takes to preserve the business?
  • The potential of needing to hire an outside CEO?
  • Lack of clarity on how or what to develop in your potential Next Gen leaders?
  • The need for help navigating differences in values and leadership styles in differing generations?

Get expert support with insights and clarity on the questions that keep you up at night.

Female entrepreneurs using a laptop while working together in their ceramic store. Happy young ceramists managing online orders on their website. Businesswomen running a creative small business together.

Assess Next Gen has your answers.

The Assess Next Gen Survey is a 360-degree survey custom-designed by expert family office consultants with 70+ years of practical expertise and research to help your family business enterprise identify the strongest likely path to success in your succession strategy.

‍The survey relies on anonymous feedback gathered directly from manager, peers, mentors, consultants, and direct reports in your organization to paint a complete and accurate picture of strengths, weaknesses and areas of potential improvement for potential successors.

The Assess Next Gen Survey provides family business owners and the consultants they work with a toolset to gather intelligence on the core competencies of their team, as well as a framework (including guidance and worksheets for instructions) to develop and improve on those competencies with 1:1 coaching.



Assess Next Gen works closely with you to define every step of a successful 360 assessment process, providing guidance every step of the way.

We use a toolset to gather intelligence on the core competencies of your Next Gen, as well as a framework to develop and improve on those competencies with our individualized one-on-one coaching and consulting process. Finally, get answers to the critical questions hindering your continuity.

With Assess Next Gen, we assess and accelerate transitions for Next Gen Family Business leaders, using data-driven insights gathered through the vetted, scientifically validated Assess Next Gen Survey.

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About Chris Yonker.

Your Assess Next Gen Consultant

Chris Yonker, CFBA, specializes in helping family enterprises navigate the intricate and unique aspects of both being related and owning a business. He is a Certified Family Business Advisor accredited through The Family Firm Institute. Chris helps to consciously navigate the challenges of succession, leadership transitions and family conflict, while creating long-term strategies for business continuity.

Dubbed a “Life Journey Sherpa,” Chris’ holistic approach allows each individual in the family to be seen as an integral piece to the work. He uses his experience as a Neuro- Linguistic practitioner, a student of Philosophy and Psychology, and a thought leader on Personal Performance and Transformation to create a one-of-a-kind methodology that fuses heart and soul — helping families achieve extraordinary results that become permanent ways of being.