Is Executive Coaching For You?

There are many people who call themselves coaches or Executive coaches and a great variance in the philosophies of what that actually means.

Many successful people, from celebrities and Fortune 500 CEOs to start up CEOs, hire someone to help them but with what specifically? Here’s my philosophy.

You get one life comprised of a profession, a business and everything else. Your health and wellness, relationships, experiences, home environment and whatever else is in your grand picture. If you step out of the box and look at all of that from the outside, what is it that you want to get from your life? If you could fast forward and go out to the end, in your final years when you look back on your life, what is it that you want to have seen and experienced?

For a lot of very successful people, they still know something is missing. Maybe you just want to be better in one or two departments of your life. Or maybe you want the whole thing to work together because you constantly feel out of balance. This is where a coach who is trained to know how can help you.

As a coach, I work with someone in a personal relationship that requires trust and transparency. It also requires a very high level of willingness to change and grow.

As you look at the context of coaching, pay attention to what it is that you believe about it. Is it simply someone who is going to hold you accountable? My philosophy is that it’s much more than that. The people I work with are already in the top 5% of what they do. They’ve already found success, but there’s a change they want to integrate. They need someone to show them where it is and unlock what needs to be unlocked inside of them so they can truly break though and move on to create the life they desire.

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