Power vs Force: Anger’s Place in Creating Change

To say that the last few months have been challenging would be a huge understatement. First, our lives were touched on a number of levels by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Then the nation’s eyes were opened, many wet with tears, at the tragedy that befell George Floyd and so many others before and since. As a result, many conversations with my private clients have centered on how to manage mindset, energy and emotions during these highly-charged times. Many are dealing with overwhelming sadness and grief, some are bewildered, others are just mad as hell. All of these emotions are valid and can be used as fuel to make change… particularly when channeled in positive ways.

Perhaps more that others, anger is a powerful emotion that can be useful to drive us to make a decision and move forward in action. But it is not a very resourceful state beyond that point. The challenge with holding anger (and even rage) is our level of consciousness when we own these emotions. Anger takes a lot of energy and requires a lot of tension. It also creates levels of cortisol and inflammation in our body and lowers our immune resistance. (Just for the sake of self-care I might suggest making a shift.)

That doesn’t mean we need to completely suppress what we are feeling, but it is possible to harness our feelings, even those of anger, when we realize that emotions don’t just come out of nowhere. They typically come from three identifiable places:
1) the pictures in our head
2) the tone of our inner dialogue
3) the sensations we feel in our body

Consider the work of David Hawkins, the Author of Power Vs. Force. In David’s map of consciousness, we are in the field of force (see below diagram). If you are angry, ask yourself, Why? What is it you really want? What is it you truly value? We cannot be who we want to be by being something else. Look at the other options on Dr Hawkins chart. Perhaps consider Love or Peace. Peace operates at a power that is hundreds of times higher in frequency and, at the end of the day, isn’t peace what you want anyway?

It is understandable for us all to be angry. Our country needs to heal and pull together. This all starts with us. How much peace and love can we hold in our hearts for all beings? Perhaps this might be your contemplation?

Here are some suggested actions to help when emotions run high:
1) Journal and express how you feel.
2) Meditate 1-2 times and day and get centered.
3) Watch your thoughts and learn how you can control your emotions.
4) Focus on what YOU truly value and protect it.
5) Own peace and express it.
6) If you feel called to change how you look at racism or want to support a cause, do so. Activating a solution that you feel drawn to is a positive thing!
7) Last but not least, GUARD YOUR GATES on social media and the news. Look at everything thru the filter of whether or not this supporting your consciousness.

If I can help you navigate these things, I am just an e-mail or call away.

Seek peace,

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