Master Business

As a business leader, the decisions you make have a significant impact on when (and if) you meet your goals.  Are your sales where you want them to be? Do you have a succession plan in place? The core essence of how you lead and build your team are critical elements that determine whether or not you are able to build a business that can thrive without you. 

Most leaders are bound and chained to their roles and companies.  They can’t confidently retire or step away.  They are owned by it.  

In his succession planning work with high net worth family business owners and senior executives, Chris is masterful at creating a high level of trust, which leads to extraordinary outcomes for his clients, both in business and in life. By aligning natural abilities with core values, he is able to help them define improvement initiatives, set realistic goals, and use newfound strategies to achieve them.

As a seasoned veteran (Chris spent 21 years leading a sales team with a Fortune 500 company) who has also worked with numerous mid-market business leaders from a variety of verticals, Chris has seen it all.   His holistic approach aims to help improve the mindset, health, and communication of organizations from the top down.  This process centers around creating clarity with regard to the vision, values, and differentiation of each company, thus ensuring that all members own their roles so they can truly start to grow together.  Chris has also been the key driver behind a $6 million increase in revenue within one year for one business client, whose company’s year-over-year growth moved from 1.5% to 7%. The end result is an organization that is able to scale, retain valuable employees, and create a predictable client experience that is unparalleled.