Soul Intention: An Executive's Guide to Building a Life by Choice, Not by Chance

You've always had ambition. After you read this book, you'll have purpose.

You wouldn’t be a top executive if you weren’t ambitious.

You wouldn’t have achieved the success you’ve achieved if you lacked drive.

You have even higher goals you want to reach – and you have no intention of dropping out of the game.

You’ve seen other top executives lose out because they were so career-focused they couldn’t commit to the relationships they had with the people they loved. You’ve watched some of your heroes scale immeasurable mountains in their careers, only to look up at the pinnacle and wonder: Is this really what I want?

You want more from yourself, from your life – and you want better than what you’ve seen happen to other people at your level.

You can have that. You can have it all - without sacrificing the rest of your life.

Chris Yonker, the high-level consultant and Performance Alchemist for top executives and leading performers lays out the key components to achieving true greatness – across all levels, in all areas of life.

In his book, Soul Intention: An Executive’s Guide to Building a Life By Choice, you’ll discover:

  • Why striving harder isn’t the key to breaking through to the next level
  • How to optimize your energy so that every aspect of your life gets enough “you”
  • What “life balance” means for an executive – and why it’s different from the usual advice
  • How to uncover the personal values that keep you aligned with your own “true north”
  • The subconscious barriers preventing you from achieving your greatest ambitions, and how rise above them.
  • How to break free of the compulsion to fit yourself into a neat little box
  • How to discover and reveal the best version of yourself that leads to unimaginable success

Most importantly, you’ll discover what you really want from life, and how you can align every aspect of your existence – career, family, personal values, and your true self –with those goals.

You’ll be able to start living the life you choose – not the one you think executives are required to have.

Soul Intention: An Executive’s Guide to Building a Life By Choice, Not Chance

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