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My clients are typically successful, talented individuals who worked hard to get where they are. They invest in themselves and their success, and they understand that personal growth is crucial to professional achievement.

My private consulting services cater to:

Leadership Development

A true leader gives people on their team a sense of purpose and drive. Heads of most organizations fall short of this goal and, as a result, the bottom-line suffers.

By virtue of participating in leadership development training, team members feel compelled to give their absolute best because they see how their work contributes to the overarching goals of the company. Leaders convey purpose and motivate others by role, learning to communicate more effectively.

I bring even the most seasoned leaders to new levels of effectiveness by guiding them through the process of redefining their ultimate mission. Executives learn teachings that foster a powerful sense of purpose that resonates within the company.

Sales Teams and Revenue Creation

Salespeople are often made out to be pushy aggressors, but their greatest power isn’t in bullying people to say yes against their will; it’s in connecting with customers so they feel sincerely persuaded to take action.

With my guidance, salespeople don’t mechanically “close” – they learn how to achieve a higher level of engagement by guiding prospects to educated buying decisions.  Making a sale isn’t a battle of wills or a sneaky game. It becomes an alliance of purpose.

I also work with sales executives to create powerful flow among team members. By implementing my principles, sales teams gain power from one another’s success. They become more motivated to perform at higher levels and create a culture of productivity that has an inertia of sustainable energy.

Vision Work and Succession Planning

High net worth family business owners can overlook or underestimate the importance of self-preparation when it comes to succession planning. I prepare my clients for this important business transition by approaching it from a vision standpoint. How do you leave a legacy and what does that really mean?

Through our work together, my clients have learned how to overcome the fear of watching everything they built be potentially at risk, heal old wounds, and equip the next generation to handle the external pressure of the transition so they are not negatively affected mentally and emotionally. My unique approach assures that the succession process does not end with resentment and that your company’s revenue is capable of funding the retirement of outgoing leadership.

Much of my work with succession plans is grounded in the principle that we each get one life and we EACH deserve to be happy and have joy in the journey. Having a vision for what’s next is an essential part of the process.

Celebrities, Creatives, and Athletes

The public eye makes it nearly impossible to find privacy in which you can feel comfortable with who you truly are and the genuine purpose of your life. Because of this, celebrities, athletes, and high-profile professionals often feel out of alignment, unfulfilled, and frustrated, even at peak career levels.

I guide my high-visibility clients to a greater level of self-control, teach them how to eliminate distractions, and help them regain control of their personal lives. As a result, they continue to perform at a high level, without feeling scrutinized, vulnerable, and gain an internal sense of purpose that keeps them focused on their long-term goals.

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